Tina’s Story

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Tina didn’t believe in abortion, but her situation felt like a tornado. She never thought she’d find herself in a position that would lead her to even considering an abortion. So many pieces of her life were falling apart, and it was turning into a traumatic downward spiral. As Tina came into SPCC, her advocate

Jessica’s Story

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A mother of four that we’ll call Jessica came to us pregnant with her fifth child. This time, she did not want to be pregnant. With her four other children, she was trying to leave an unsafe marriage until learning of this new pregnancy. Feeling trapped and overwhelmed, she came to SPCC. She had not

Finding Hope: Sharon’s Story

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Sharon's Story Sharon* walked through our doors on what would have been the due date of her baby. She had miscarried only months prior.  While talking to one of our client advocates, she also revealed that she had been pressured into an abortion a few years ago. She wondered if the miscarriage was her punishment.

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