A woman in her mid-twenties came in with an options counseling appointment. She had given herself a pregnancy test at work and it was positive. She thought there had been a recent miscarriage and wanted to know if she was still pregnant with the same baby.

In her appointment, she discussed that her life is already very hard, and another baby would make it even harder. She had just left another physically abusive relationship and was trying to protect her other children from this man. Even with a history of abusive and toxic relationships, she stated that she always protected her children. Over the past several years, she had multiple abortions to avoid keeping connections with past men in her life. She didn’t feel good about being pregnant so soon after the most recent abortion.

After talking with staff and receiving an ultrasound, she felt encouraged. She is hoping to move forward by protecting her children and looking into the community resource guide that she was given. Before leaving, she visited the shopping rooms which lessened her worry about needing to provide for her youngest child and potential new baby if she chooses life. She was given an emergency pack for her child and didn’t realize all that SPCC had to offer. This led to her asking about further involvement, so staff gave her information about the 8- week parenting class. Please pray for Andrea as she works through these difficult challenges in her life and pray that she knows that she is loved and supported.