Make a Capital Donation

For 36 years Salem Pregnancy has been devoted to reaching abortion vulnerable women and men by sharing the love and grace of God to end the cycle of abortion.  And now we will be able to offer help directly across the street from the largest abortion clinic in Forsyth County!

We are so excited to share this news publicly. This new location will allow us to meet women who are facing abortion decisions where they are-geographically and emotionally!

Planted in the heart of the medical community, this former medical office has the capacity to house extensive education, counseling and clinical space. It is also a block away from a major medical hub, nearby public transportation and directly across the street from the largest abortion clinic in Forsyth County.

In the shadows of such darkness, we will undoubtedly shine as a beacon of life to those dying inside to make the best decision for themselves and their children. our proximity is vital in helping each woman make real, informed choices and, therefore, truly take charge of her own reproductive health.

Over the past several years, our ministry has increased substantially, to the point of limiting our capacity to grow. We had been praying for guidance and direction while seeking a new location for our ministry. And it seems our prayers were answered when this perfect property popped up. Recognizing that the building and location would powerfully increase our ability to reach more lives for life, we swiftly purchased it.

It is our hope to complete renovations through the generosity of our donors. With these modest, yet expanded facilities, we will be able to reach an even larger number of women who are in their most critical hours of choosing life or death.

We have outgrown our current space for programs and have no room to grow. With the additional space in the new building, we plan to:

  • Add STD/STI testing and treatment

  • Bring parenting classes and Hope Program classes back into the center

  • Increase space for life choice counseling

  • Create space for family and small group mentoring

  • Increase space for resources that support families beyond birth

  • Start by praying to fully grasp the vision being cast

  • Ask questions to gain better understanding

  • Consider how you can give to make this vision a reality

  • Donate

  • Tells others who share your passion for life about the exciting work God is doing at Salem Pregnancy

We firmly believe that all this was orchestrated by God. We actively seek His direction in all that we do.

Salem Pregnancy will continue to provide the highest standard of care and integrity in our current location until the renovations are complete.

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