Individual Partnerships

For 38 years SPCC has been ministering to women facing unplanned pregnancies, but we couldn’t do it without the help of our community. Here are three ways for you to be involved in the work we do at SPCC.


Pray that God would use SPCC and its staff and volunteers to empower women and men who are seeking or considering an abortion to choose life. Help them to see that abortion is not “necessary” or their “only option” but instead understand that all life is precious, holds intrinsic value and that choosing life is not only possible, but can also positively change their own lives. Pray for our volunteers who engage with our clients that God would give them the words and confidence to minister to the women and men they meet with effectively and in love. Finally, pray that our ministry can continue to learn and grow to educate, empower and serve our community as we share the love and grace of God and seek to end the cycle of abortion.

If you would like to receive a more specific prayer list from us, CLICK HERE to join our prayer team.


We have over 100 volunteers on our team serving in various capacities. We couldn’t continue this work without the “support staff” of volunteers we have helping us on a daily basis.

We would love to have you join us in the ministry to families. CLICK HERE to learn more about the volunteer opportunities here at SPCC.


Funding a ministry is sometime challenging, yet we never want it to distract us from God’s purpose and calling. Any size gift can make an impact for life! Please consider making your gift an automatically recurring monthly gift. Recurring gifts provide greater blessing for your giving dollar through efficiency and effective planning and use of resources.

Your donation is tax deductible. You will receive an e-receipt for each donation made and a final statement in January listing all the donations we have received for the proceeding year. Please make sure we have your current email address on file. Give confidently using our secure form. Your financial data is encrypted and protected. We respect your privacy and identity by securing your information. We do not share this information with anyone outside of the actual secure transaction process or as required by law. SPCC is a 501(c)3 organization. EIN # 561449033

Church Partnerships

The local Church is the lifeblood of all we do at SPCC and our partner in all aspects of our ministry. Our mission, our staff and our services are Christ-focused as we seek to share the love and grace of God to a community that is largely unchurched and facing the biggest moral issue of our day: life. The body of Christ is vital to empower women and men to choose life, to encourage sexual integrity, and in sharing the Great Commission.  Together we can make a difference in Winston-Salem and Forsyth County!


Romans 10:1 says, “My heart’s desire and prayer is that they be saved”,

Prayer is the foundation of this ministry and our church partners can play a big part in that. Does your church have a list of local missions? Add us to your list and ask your members to pray for us as a ministry and a movement.


Pastors, small group leaders and other church leaders can regularly share what God’s Word says about Life to their congregation and pray corporately for the women and men struggling with an abortion decision as well as pray for the lives of the unborn. Church leaders and individual members can promote and attend SPCC events such as community day (held annually in the spring) and benefit dinner (held annually in September). Churches and small groups can host baby showers, run a baby bottle campaign (either church wide or in smaller groups), and bring small groups to volunteer in various ways throughout the year.  Churches can also encourage individual members with a heart for women and the unborn to apply for one of our ongoing volunteer positions.


All of our services are free. Last year, we provided these free services to over 650 families in Forsyth County, many of whom are unchurched and vulnerable to making an abortion decision. Church contributions are vital to our ability to be able to meet these families where they are and to share the love and grace of God to them in a truly tangible way. Dozens of churches in Forsyth County already contribute financially to our ministry through recurring giving and their support represents approximately one-third of our annual budget. The remaining two-thirds of our budget primarily comes from the gifts of individual church members. Consider adding SPCC to your local missions budget, participating in our Baby Bottle Campaign, and/or taking up an annual or onetime love offering at your church. We are happy to provide materials or a speaker, upon request.

Church Interest