Tiana was a walk-in on a Friday afternoon less than an hour before closing. As a college freshman with a part-time job and aspirations of doing well in college, a baby was not what she had in mind. She decided to seek out an abortion. This led her to Planned Parenthood for information on how far along she was and if she could get an abortion. The cost was one of her biggest concerns.

She tells us that when she arrived at Planned Parenthood, no one greeted her. The clinic was very busy, and she couldn’t be seen.  After being instructed to come back on Friday, she returned but remembered how they had treated her. Before deciding to go inside, she tried to cool down in her car. This is when an advocate approached to encourage her to try Salem Pregnancy. They greeted her kindly and let her know that Salem could go through her options and determine how far along she was. With this news, she walked across the street and was greeted by one of Salem’s staff.

At SPCC, she cried at the sound of her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound. Her fears were lovingly addressed, and she felt a sense of comfort that she hadn’t yet received since becoming pregnant. She told us that one difference that struck her between Planned Parenthood and Salem was that SPCC staff greeted her so kindly and asked her name. After the ultrasound and conversations, she stated that the ultrasound influenced her decision, and she would strongly recommend Salem Pregnancy. She is now taking baby steps and is building up the courage to talk with her mom.