New Hope in Christ


As we come closer to Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, we wanted to share a special story with you. Our greatest hope, along with yours, is to see the lost come to know their loving Savior. Patsy Chesnut, our Volunteer Coordinator, was recently given the opportunity to walk alongside “Taylor,” a new mother, as she came to saving faith in Jesus Christ. Here at Salem Pregnancy Care Center, we hope her story encourages you as we both seek to provide the practical and spiritual needs of our city.

“In our SPCC Hope Life Coaching Classes, sometimes we get the privilege and honor to dive into deeper spiritual issues.  Near the end of one of those classes, Patsy had the honor of praying with “Taylor” to receive Christ as her personal Savior!  Last weekend, we presented “Taylor” with her first Study Bible from Salem Pregnancy Care Center so that she can begin to grow as a Christian and learn how to follow Jesus in her daily life!

What a joy to make this presentation during this very special season of the birth of our Lord and Savior.”