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Karrington’s story will be featured on the Light FM this May 3rd.

In case you don’t have a chance to hear it on the radio, check out her story below!


Karrington had been coming to Salem Pregnancy Care Center for over a year to receive supplies for her two small children. While serving her practical needs, our receptionist, Daniela, built a relationship with this young mother. During one of Karrington’s visits, she confided in Daniela that she had just taken a home pregnancy test. It was positive. She intended to abort even though she didn’t believe in abortion. After Daniela encouraged her to make an appointment, Karrington agreed and received counseling and an ultrasound. When viewing the ultrasound images, she was surprised to see that she was pregnant with twins! Karrington prayed about her situation, received free items at Salem Pregnancy for her other children, and is currently in her third trimester of pregnancy! She is grateful for her relationship with SPCC and their willingness to lovingly walk beside her throughout this pregnancy and beyond.