Annual Fundraising Banquet

Annual Fundraising Dinner

Our annual fundraising dinner happens every September. This fundraising event generates a large portion of our annual budget. For high-capacity givers, the evening consists of an online silent auction with some awesome items, dinner and dessert, a keynote speaker, and an opportunity to give. Our Benefit Dinner is a ticketed event but our silent auction is open to anyone with an internet connection although a free registration is required to place a bid.

This year’s dinner will be held on September 24th at the Wake Forest Bridger Field House at BB&T Field. Our keynote speaker will be comedian Mike G. Williams. Mike G. Williams and his family serve in the Dominican Republic directing a mission touching the lives of trafficked girls and feeding those living in a garbage dump. In his professional life he has recorded numerous comedy projects, and written fourteen books. To help marriages he wrote Men Moved to Mars When Women Started Killing the Ones on Venus. Believing that today’s teens (13-19) need help in the area of mating he wrote Love Is NOT A Three Letter Word. Awaken the Mighty Men was written to encourage men in the sanctity of life movement and Shut Up Get In the Jeep and Let Me Drive is the story of Mike’s own call to the mission field. His latest book The Whatever Life Hack is a must read. He is heard daily on the SiriusXM’s Laugh USA.

His personal adoption story and the rescue and subsequent adoption of his son will move you to joy. Find out more about Mike’s daily ministry at or more about Mike’s humorous speaking by clicking here.


Date: September 24, 2020

When: Doors open at 5:30pm Dinner will start at 6:30pm

Registration Required

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